Kirsten Pike of Kirsten Pike Design designed our entire home that we had just purchased. We were not able to bring any of our previous furniture and accessories because we purchased a smaller home. Kirsten procured all new furnishings and accessories, and reframed our art collection to make it work with the new, modern interior. 

Kirsten not only captured the essence of the house and the modern but comfortable light feeling and palette that we wanted but she also captured the essence of us: How we live, what we like, how we see our lives and ourselves in this house. She took us on a journey in the world of design where she became our guide and teacher. Our home is lovely, personable and just beautiful. Her murals are one of our favorite highlights of the house ~ just fantastic. Finally, she arranged all workings for the house and deliveries etc and it made it easy and fluent so that we could focus on our lives and work while everything concerning the house was taken care of. I recommend her highly ~ I only wish we had another home for her to furnish & design!!

Helen Russell, Equator Coffees

Mill Valley, Marin County  

I have worked with Kirsten Pike Design on many projects around the Bay Area over the last 12 years. Kirsten is one of the designers I admire the most, and I have worked with many dozens. She is supremely confident in her decisions. She definitely has her own style, but every job is as diverse as her clientele. To me, that speaks of an intuitiveness that is critical to achieving a successful outcome. For me personally, I really enjoy the challenges she sees in wallpaper. For example, using a strip from different parts of the home to dress up an otherwise ordinary support column in a stunning penthouse. Or breaking up murals and hand picking each framed square of a headboard wall, making an incredible, unique application, or wrapping a simple shelf in the same paper above and below making it part of the overall design. She is also an accomplished artist, doing graphics or gentle floral designs on her clients’ walls to enhance an area and personalize it with warmth. 

Troy Maher

Marin County 

I am a draftsman and fellow designer and have had the pleasure of following Kirsten Pike Design through several projects and her aesthetic sense never seize to amaze me.Each project has been unique, sophisticated and imaginatively executed.

She orchestrates installations, creates custom solutions and exquisite murals with confidence.Deeply rooted in her Danish upbringing but always eclectic. Her projects are filled with elegance and wonder- she clearly has a talent for tuning into her clients' taste and vision.

In addition, Kirsten Pike Design collaborates with many talented craftsmen, so their projects are beautifully executed. I highly recommend Kirsten Pike Design.   

Paulette Bilgart

Bilgart Design Marin County  

I hired Kirsten Pike Design to do my condo in Pacific Heights when I moved from Manhattan to San Francisco. I liked the fact that Kirsten is from Copenhagen and would bring some different perspectives to the table, as compared with other designers whom I had interviewed. She updated the interior architecture, to be current with the times, by adding decorative plaster, moldings, a fantastic new staircase, and many other interior architectural elements. A new, modern kitchen flows with the architecture very well. Her choice of furnishings, decor and curated art were spot on and her attention to detail exceeded my expectations. A great experience through and through!

John Murray

Marin County 

Kirsten Pike Design came highly recommended by a previous client of hers. She did wonderful work for us on our Pacific Heights, San Francisco property. We are now excited to be working with her on a remodel of same house at a new 5100 square footage. New interior architecture, kitchen, 5 bathrooms, furnishing, decor and art throughout. Also, we're breaking ground on a new 10,000 sq ft ranch in 2024 and look forward to work with Kirsten on that project as well. 

Michele Scott

San Francisco 

Kirsten Pike is one of the most creative and incredibly talented interior designers I've collaborated with through the years. She has a wonderful way of listening to her clients and then executing their vision along with her insightful and professional abilities to see a project through successfully from beginning to end. Kirsten is a true artist and realizes the details are the building blocks for the full vision to become a reality. 
Sean McArdle

Sausalito, Marin County

I hired Kirsten Pike Design to do the decor in my living room and dining room which have sweeping views over all of San Francisco and San Francisco Bay/Bridges. I wanted it very modern but also eclectic with luxurious undertones and wanted it to be very comfortable. I wanted an interior that would be as great as the views but that would not detract from the views. Working with Kirsten was great and easy. She delivered everything I wanted with furniture from Ralph Pucci, Artemest, 1st Dibs, Luminaire and other great venues. The process was smooth and easy. It was finished on time and within budget. When I do a renovation and all new decor for my other home in Tiburon, I will definitely use Kirsten again. Interior Design is Kirsten’s life passion, not just a job, and it is what sets her apart from other designers. 

Randall Doctor

San Francisco

Kirsten Pike Design was recommend to my by Jenn Davis at Compass when I bought my condo at The Harrison in San Francisco. I chose Kirsten's company after interviewing several other recommended designers. All the decor is done by her. I didn't bring anything from my old house. I didn't live there for the duration of the project. Everything was in move in condition when I moved in. The kitchen and bathrooms were fully equipped. The budget was expertly balanced. I wanted a very modern, clean, gallery like interior with touches of eclecticism. Each piece of furniture should stand out like a sculpture and compliment the views of the cityscape and San Francisco bay. I anticipated getting married soon and wanted an interior that wasn't overly masculine but had some feminine touches so Kirsten incorporated white to soften and inviting textures and shapes. I recommend Kirsten Pike Design wholeheartedly. 

Shankardas Monhandas

​San Francisco

I hired Kirsten Pike Design, upon recommendation by the concierge at The Harrison, to completely design and furnish my 30th story apartment overlooking San Francisco as well as San Francisco Bay. Kirsten was involved with every single, minute detail of the design and execution of her incredible vision for my home. She has a perfect balance between being a collaborator and yet be completely in charge…taking all stress away from the property owner. Earlier than mid project, I gave her carte blanche. She knew what I wanted and I trusted her know how 100%: Impeccable taste and finesse...Brilliant even. What a talent! Early in the project, I moved in. I travel a lot and we arranged for her to do the work when I was gone. Everything is now a cohesive whole so the living spaces, kitchen and bathrooms flow together. Amongst so many things, she designed a stunning wall of decorative plaster and a bar that is as lovely as it is practical. My space is a jewel box where nothing is left to coincide. Also every delivery was overseen and the small practicalities that a homeowner doesn't want to deal with before, during and after a remodel. When I wasn't pleased with my high end flower delivery service, Kirsten did it personally and once again blew my away. I am just sad that when I come home from my travels there isn’t a new “surprise” waiting for me, as the apartment is perfect! I think any discerning person with high expectations will be very happy with Kirsten Pike Design. 

Annie Flaig

San Francisco 

Kirsten Pike Design was warmly recommended to me and I'm very pleased that I had her do my entire condo. She renovated the kitchen, other partial renovations like the fireplace, master closet and did all the decor and all the home improvements with ease and finesse.

Dozen upon dozen of pieces were purchased (also a couple of custom pieces designed by Kirsten Pike), murals were painted on 3 walls, a 28 foot long hallway's walls were clad in wood. All was finished prior to the deadline I had given her. She arranged for all the deliveries. I never felt inconvenienced and although I lived on site for most of the duration of the project, I was blissfully unaware of everything that was going on. She juggled the budget for my home beautifully and got the most out of it possible! 

The guidelines I gave her was to create a home that was modern and masculine but also rustic and with a modern cowboy slant. I grew up on a CA ranch in part and wanted to bring my history and some of CA history into my SF condo. I wanted it to be a reflection of my past but I also wanted it to be a reflection of the person I am today and she nailed it! 

Alan Nichols, RightJoin

San Francisco

Kirsten worked on every inch of the interior of our new townhouse in downtown Mill Valley and it has been a fantastic experience from start to finish. She is extremely responsive and easy to work with. Kirsten has unique and innovative ideas and loves finding one-of-a-kind pieces for her clients. She is more than a designer - she is a true artist. She custom designed a 8' H X 5.5' W painting for us that would definitely have the admiration of all of Mill Valley and she designed 4 murals in our house, one of them nearly 20' tall.

Several pieces of furniture in our home are designed by her. In one room, every pieces of furniture including a bunkbed, desk and wood clad walls in intricate patterns are Kirsten's own design. We wanted a modern French feel to our home because of our affiliations there. Growing up in Europe and having travelled all over, Kirsten was the perfect designer to carry that out. She orchestrated the coming and going of faux finishers, people who implemented her design for the front door, painters, carpenters, electricians, drape and roman shade installers, closet installers, wall paper hangers, installers and fabricators of her furniture designs, and all the dozens upon dozens of individual pieces from all over the world that she brought into our home and had delivered. She tailored the home to us. We couldn't recommend her more highly!

Doug & Gail Dolton

Mill Valley, Marin County

Kirsten Pike Design has been my go-to interior design firm for the past 12+ years. I have hired Kirsten to partner with me on the design of many of my downtown San Francisco corporate locations. I have leaned on her sense of responsibility, expertise, versatility and excellence.

She has designed lobbies, meditation Zen rooms, conference spaces and media and staff game rooms in numerous office high rises in the Financial District. A few years ago, Kirsten worked on a project for us designing a Japanese Dojo in Potrero Hill for a Martial Arts Studio. This was her first Dojo and she executed it flawlessly. She also designed my southern Marin County residence.

Kirsten is a powerhouse and a pleasure to work with. She listens to your ideas and preferences with a sensitive intelligence. She transforms spaces that are elegant yet functional and is incredibly resourceful.

She is a master at her craft and there is no limit to the depth of the vision she has for her clients. Kirsten creates spaces that tie together beautifully. She is extremely organized, sets clear plans, precise with budgets and deadlines and provides seamless communication throughout her projects.

If you have not seen her wall murals, I urge you to see one. Kirsten creates original wall murals which she imagines and then sketches herself. These murals are mesmerizing and the details breathtaking. Her murals have a personal meaning to her clients.

I have been fortunate to have had her as a resource for interior design needs through the years. She is a creative visionary. 

Justine L.

Mill Valley, Marin County

Kirsten Pike Design did the remodel of my home in Sausalito. It was my first time working with an interior designer and I had no idea prior how valuable it is to be working with a designer. I consider myself creative and capable as a production manager but working with Kirsten showed me a whole new level of expertise and capability. Thereafter I would never even consider doing a home on my own. When I bought a second home, a houseboat, also in Sausalito, I immediately turned to Kirsten and she gave my small houseboat that Danish "hygge" feel that I sought. Lots of white with contrasting lighter wood. Minimalistic and modern. It looks effortless but in actuality, my houseboat is a study in meticulousness. Thank you Kirsten!

Lourdes Esquivel

Sausalito, Marin County 

We hired Kirsten Pike Design to furnish our entire loft space in San Francisco including creating a 130" wide custom peninsula in the kitchen, a 16' tall custom faux concrete finished wall, beautiful custom wooden trellis wall made in India with trellis door for access to hide storage area under staircase, custom rugs, a custom moss wall in the living room and other custom touches.

Kirsten is brilliant and she did everything that we had agreed and trusted her to do and beautifully so. We wanted a cool, moody, industrial feel with eclectic touches. This was our first time hiring a designer and we loved the experience. Kirsten made the process easy and smooth for us. She continued to surprise us with her design ideas. We did not have to worry about any execution with the contractors. It's Covid so we're working at home and she incorporated two offices into the open spaces. We feel that we have separation from the rest of the living spaces and yet it all flows. Since we're home so much, she brought in many plants as large as 12' tall and created an oasis so that everything we need is right here. We're grateful to her! Our home is now our sanctuary.

Sakshi Jain

San Francisco

We hired Kirsten Pike Design to furnish and choose all decor in our 6,000 sq. foot home (5 bedroom/5 bath)in Marin County. We wanted an overall transitional, modern look but with traditional and eclectic pieces in the mix. Kirsten and her assistants were gems to work with - true professionals. They were very accommodating as we worked in stages over 7 years and in the same time period did the interior design of two other smaller homes of ours. Each room feels comfortable and organic but is also perfectly in sync with our transitional / modern look. The beautiful furniture, lighting, tiles, window treatments, the gorgeous upholstery, custom tables & chairs exceeded our expectations! They were very respectful of our budget and timelines. One of the many things I enjoy most about Kirsten's designs is that she knows how to tailor a project so that it's a true reflection of us! Her level of creative talent, is beyond extraordinary. Thank you Kirsten & team for doing an OUTSTANDING job on our home(s). We so enjoyed working with you and look forward to recommend our friends/relatives.

Candra Severson

Marin County

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