Kirsten Pike is a designer living and working in Northern California. She grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, with an architect dad and a fine artist grandmother. Kirsten Pike Design is a full service interior design firm. Kirsten pairs her international design vernacular perfectly with the design amalgam of the US. Her exposure and experience to high-end interior design and architecture built her eye to what it is today.

Kirsten’s work combines her love of mixing old and new with an elegance of the very modern while respecting tradition. Her clean, crisp and layered aesthetic embodies each project she designs. Kirsten strongly believes that design is personal. She designs homes that are extensions of her clients and creates interiors that make clients dream even bigger than before. 

Kirsten in a Q & A, "Customer experience is always number one. We are advocates for our clients as we guide them through the process of creating beautiful and functional spaces. We create a tailored mix of modern or contemporary whether it's titled toward minimalism, maximalism, eclecticism, transitional or Scandinavian "hygge". From our clients' big dreams to our drawing board, we channel their ambitions to create their ideal sanctuary." 

Call: 415 307 5744

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